Cooking Spaghetti Squash Microwave Style!

Spaghetti squash is a type of squash that starts to resemble spaghetti strands when cooked. Therefore, being a convenient pasta impersonator, it can also go by other names such as noodle squash, vegetable spaghetti, vegetable marrow, and even spaghetti. To prepare this healthy vegetable, options like cooking spaghetti squash microwave style or oven style can be explored, but only after looking at some basics about this type of squash. So, cooking spaghetti squash microwave?

In terms of appearance, spaghetti squash is an oblong vegetable that can measure between 8-14 inches and weigh up to 2-3 lbs. The flesh can be pale yellow while the taste may actually be very similar to that of pasta. Also, squash is considered a healthy substitute for pasta not only because of its similar appearance and taste profile but also because it is a lower carbohydrate substitute for traditional pasta. The squash naturally grows in such a way that once cooked, its flesh will pull apart into long spaghetti-like strands. And the similarity to pasta does not stop there. Instead, after cooking spaghetti squash in the microwave, the long strands resemble noodles in other ways too.

For instance, the squash strands are tender enough to twirl around a fork, they boast a taste that blends will pasta sauces, cheeses, as well as in any type of stir fry. In fact, if the casual observer did not know any better, the squash strands would even look like real spaghetti.

So what exactly is spaghetti squash?

Cooked spaghetti squash has a very mild taste and when compared to traditional pasta choices, has a much lighter feel than pasta. As a result, you will not feel overly stuffed or have any digestive discomfort after eating spaghetti squash.

  • How can spaghetti squash be prepared?

There are a number of cooking options available to prepare spaghetti squash. For instance, you could choose to cook spaghetti squash microwave style, prepare it in the oven, or simply roast it without further ado.

While squash may seem somewhat hard to prepare, cooking spaghetti squash in a microwave is quite a cinch. In about 15 minutes in the microwave, this otherwise hard squash can be transformed into a bowl of tender noodles ready to be served.

The biggest challenge when cooking spaghetti squash in the microwave may just be cutting the squash in half. If you use any type of squash regularly, you know that get cutting the squash uses real muscle power. A handy tip is to score it with a knife and nuke for a few minutes. This spaghetti squash microwave cooking tip should make cutting the squash much easier. So, cooking spaghetti squash microwave?

One consideration when splitting the spaghetti squash in half is whether to cut it lengthwise or crosswise. The decision will be based on how long you would like the spaghetti strands to be. Since the strands do not go from one end of the squash to the other, but actually wrap around crosswise, cutting the spaghetti squash crosswise will deliver longer strands.

If the squash is cut lengthwise, then the strands yielded will be shorter but will also be easier to eat.

Once the squash has been cut in half, seeds will need to be scooped out and then it is time to get ready to cook spaghetti squash microwave style.

  • To start, flip the squash upside down in a baking dish.
  • Fill it with half an inch of water and microwave until soft.
  • Depending on the size of the squash and that of the microwave, his step can take between five to ten minutes. Squash is ready when pierced easily with a fork.
  • There is also the option of cooking either one-half or both at the same time. Should you decide to use only one-half of the squash, the other may be stored for another day.

Now that the part about cooking spaghetti squash in the microwave is over, it is time to get to those strands. Let the squash cool down a bit before digging in. Say about fifteen minutes so that the moisture dries out a little and scooping the strands becomes easier. So, cooking spaghetti squash microwave?

  • Scooping out the spaghetti strands

Using a plain dinner fork will easily scrape the strands out. You may begin the scraping lengthwise since it goes against the grains of the strand and makes the scraping easier. Continue scraping-out strands until the flesh is used up and there is just a tiny bit of rind left.

Scraping crosswise across the spaghetti squash will yield longer and better-looking strands.

  • Preparing spaghetti squash in the oven

The other option is to prepare it in the oven. For this method, preheat the oven to 375 degrees and brush the inside of each squash half with olive oil. Sprinkle the squash with salt and pepper. Place cut sides down on the baking tray and bake for about 40 minutes. When pierced, the fork should easily go through the squash. So, cooking spaghetti squash microwave?

Let the spaghetti squash cool for about 15 minutes before scraping out the spaghetti-like strands.

Whether you choose to prepare spaghetti squash in the microwave or the oven, the result is family similar. But the best part about cooking spaghetti squash in the microwave is that it is done so quickly and the flavors develop slightly more when nuked.

  • How to use the squash noodles?

After cooking spaghetti squash in the microwave, the resulting noodles can be used interchangeably with regular noodles in all types of pasta dishes. Just as with regular pasta, use them with a sauce and melted cheese, add them to a stir-fry, or make a noodle salad out of them. Noodles from the spaghetti squash can also be baked in other pasta favorites.

Spaghetti strands can also be stored easily for later use. They will keep well in an airtight container in the fridge for a few weeks and in the freezer for months. However, when thawed after freezing spaghetti squash strands will turn to mush and be more suitable for pureeing rather than be used as a substitute for noodles. So, cooking spaghetti squash microwave?

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